2019 Investec Super Rugby Winners

Investec Super Rugby

Investec Super Rugby is a professional, regional competition featuring teams and referees from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Japan and South Africa.

The five Investec Super Rugby teams are owned by New Zealand Rugby and when originally set up, were run by boards representing the Provincial Unions that make up each Investec Super Rugby catchment. Reviews into the financial sustainability and structure of Super Rugby and franchises identified the need to reinvigorate the franchise model and provide for additional investment to improve its financial sustainability.

Expressions of interest were called for in December 2011 for four of the five licences. The Highlanders were not part of the original process, although NZR has commenced the process for the Highlanders in 2014.

A Super Rugby Licensee’s responsibilities include:

  • management of the team both on-field and off-field including, the professional development for members of the squad
  • marketing promotion of matches and the team
  • the Licensee will retain predominantly gate and some sponsorship income and pay administration, additional coaching and management staff, training facilities, match operations, and marketing costs.

New Zealand Rugby will:

  • retain ownership of the brands associated with each team
  • continue to fund player and coach contracts from centralised broadcasting and sponsorship revenue.
  • continue to pay all travel and accommodation costs associated with the regular season (excluding playoffs) through SANZAR

Investec Super Rugby Teams

New Zealand has five teams playing in Investec Super Rugby (from north to south):